We take in providing the best servicing structure for your dodge models. We understand the nature of a Dodge is such that their pride lies in the engine as mostly muscle cars. Therefore, there is a lot of wear and tear to be considered here which results on the powertrain being worked really hard. It would be advisable for you to come once in a while for a Tune-Up for Dodge in Puyallup to avoid breakdowns or wear and tear and failure of an entire system. Vehicles need to be maintained and there are services that they ought to go through regularly.


These include oil changes, brake pad replacement and transmission checks and repairs as well as tire change and installation. If this is not done, the break down of the vehicle will be quite rapid and the progression of the damage will eventually lead to complete system failure, which could be the brakes, engine or the transmission. The costs for this would be significantly higher and compulsory because the vehicle cannot work without these components. Our advantage for Tune-Up for Dodge in Puyallup is that we have the best technicians who are factory trained and ASE certified to help you with anything that you may need. They have loads of experience over practically everything in the business and there are few things they cannot solve.

They will also provide you with a list of options for repair and maintenance, as well as other problems that may arise from the current state of the vehicle. Our technicians also work according to a schedule and they know not to exceed the timelines by conducting services and repairs in the shortest time possible. For Tune-Up for Dodge in Puyallup you might be surprised to find that it takes just 30 minutes for oil changes, vehicle inspection and tire installation. We know that your time is valuable and will do what needs to be done so that you can be out on the road as soon as possible.

if you would like to know more about the services we offer, please come see us. We are proud to serve Tacoma and nearby cities like: Edgewood, Puyallup, Sumner, Federal Way.

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27 Jun 2014

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